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Basic Information

Basic Information

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  • Posted: Jul 11, 2016
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  • Location: New Haven, CT  - Get Directions
  • Description: This is the parent page for the Dystopia Rising Network. Major announcements, information, and world detail releases will be shown here (as well as a number of amazing pictures). If you have questions to be answered, please check out the DR LARP Group. This Page is pretty much a one way means of com...  more



Dystopia Rising LARP Network's Overview

Dystopia Rising, or “DR” as our fans usually call it, is a role playing game and a multimedia experience.  DR is a tabletop game where you get a group of friends together for a shared story telling experience.  DR is also a series of novels that you can read and enjoy.  If you are interested in either of these, you can find more information about the tabletop game and the novel series by following the Genre Information link, or, by going to the parent publication company’s website: Eschaton Media.  Beyond those two basic ways to enjoy Dystopia Rising, there is one last and most famous way: Dystopia Rising is also a weekend-long networked LARP.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry, it’s easy to understand our game when you look at it piece by piece.

To simplify the idea, let’s break down some terms.

Weekend Long - A Dystopia Rising LARP is a full immersion experience.  Once we call Game On on Friday evening, you will be LARPing all weekend until game ends on Sunday morning.

Networked - Dystopia Rising is a networked community.  This means that beyond the local game in your area, we operate games in other states and countries that share the same world and storyline..  To keep all of our games in line with one another, we provide universal guidelines and standard rules. That way, your experience at one game will not differ in mechanical design from another.  This also means all games have characters that grow at the same rate, get the same perks, and have access to the same supplies. For more questions on specific rules, check out the Rules and Mechanics section.

LARP - LARP is short for Live Action Role-Playing.  LARP is a hobby shared worldwide in which friends come together to play out stories. LARP is one part improvisational theater, one part theme park, and one part action combat simulation: our hobby mixes together these influences and more for a fantastic gaming experience. Here at DR, LARPing is a hobby where hundreds of people come together to play a game and live in a world for a weekend.  When you LARP for a full weekend at Dystopia you talk as your character, you act as your character, you sleep as your character, you eat as your character, and you fight as your character.

Dystopia Rising is a post zombie apocalypse survival horror scenario where you will come to reside in one of the settlements of survivors for a weekend.  During that weekend you will get to play this game, meet a ton of great new people, and enjoy stepping away from the modern day and into an post-apocalyptic world for a weekend.  

Because this is a Networked game, you will be able to take your character from your local game to other games.  Our official games all follow the same guidelines and use our centralized character database software to keep track of your character’s growth no matter which game you are visiting.  So if you find yourself traveling near or far from your own home game, you can bring your character to a local Dystopia Rising game and meet thousands of friends you never knew you had.  


Dystopia Rising LARP Network's Map
Main Location
  • Location: New Haven, CT - Get Directions
  • Formatted Address: New Haven, CT, USA
  • Street Address: New Haven
  • City: New Haven County
  • Zipcode: 06514
  • State: Connecticut
  • Country: United States